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released November 15, 2016



all rights reserved


KOOL SKULL Los Angeles, California

I'm tha
K͏͜͟͞O̶̸҉̶O͟͢͢҉L̶̸͘ ͏̧͘͢S̢̕͜Ķ͠Ų͝L҉̴̢͠L̴͟. I travel time and space on an interdimensional skateboard. I live on the remote planet T44 and i make f҉̛͜͞҉u̡͏͘͜c̡͞ķ̴̢͝è̢̨͝d̡̨̛̕͞ up music about my adventures in Stardrain City.

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Track Name: Fish & Doritos (Feat. Robo-T)
Yo know I missed you for so long
I just didn't know what to say
I know I was more than wrong
I though about you every day

I cried and I cried, but that games all done
Left out to hide, but I hid from the sun
TheJokes not funny if you can't find a pun, but
Coming back home, is the only way

Lied and I lied, I said I can't feel,
Broke the divide of what's fake and what's real
Now I'm here to stay

Wanted to taste you and to hold you
See you asleep on my chest
Give you the love that can mold you, and
Put an octopus on your crest

I am just me, I'm a pile of trash
I taste like dirt and cigarette ash
Oozing with wounds and infections, for cash
Come pay attention to meeee

No I'm not sane, but I'm just about done I'll
Say that we're finished when my throats filled with cum
See how I feel, LA?

Maybe I should take a shower
Wash off the bedbugs and slime, my
Dick smells like fish and doritos, and it
Looks like your mom
Track Name: F8DEAD (feat. Kroyclub)
Track Name: Dissect My Body (Feat. redHat)
Dissect my body, find the soda in my veins
Clean out the rotting green fungus it contains
Make the air divine with the garbage u created
Yaah I got ur photo but that shit was pixelated

Hardware broken, in-sults unspoken
Sorry you were woken but this shit is burning down
Don't put on a crown, don't fake that shit
I provide a sound that made David Bowie quit

Blood in my spit, tears on the concrete,
Wobble on my feet, cus human brain is obsolete,
Put that shit in mute or just let me press "Pause-o"
Yeah ur shit is cute but it's no mr. Oizo

Enter the flaw zone, cus broken I may be
Fixing up soon so that money churns like cheese
Write this shit with ease, shitting gold while u sneeze, I
Sell expensive art with shit I stole at dollar trees

Don't tease, baby don't talke when u listen, all those
Asses i be kissen got my lips feel numb,
-I'm not dumb and I utilize my space,
Slime God followers, the master race

This is just a taste and I'll charge you in a minute But it's
Not he only track where I say "I hate you" in it. Which
Ever way you spin it, I'm showing disrespect, to
All the mediocre mouth breathers I detect

Stolen like my t shirt, swollen and my knees hurt
Whole club nasty from the stench of my pee squirt
- always flirting cus I'm hurting in the ego
When u see My shit it'll crush you like a Pringles

Make your spine tingle, irritate your senses, I'll
Com and bless your town if u cover my expenses.
No? go away lest you'll turn up toothless some
Niggas are like art degrees, they're fucking useless.

Burn your shit to the ground
Toxic drool be the sound
None of your shit profound
Kool skull shat in your crown

Ain't no legion here, but I'm a legend
Sitting on the bed smoking backwoods we veggin'
In ur minds thighs, I be wedging non stop, your
Brain says it likes when i fuck it from the top

I don't need no wifey all I need is wifi,
I don't need no wifey all I need is wifi,
I don't need no wifey all I need is wifi, I'm a
Digi MOTHERFUKER til the day that I die

Soda pop pop, while it carbonates my tummy, YU don't
Think much of me cus dirty looking bummy, your
Ego tastes good, and your music sucks Too, I'd be a-
-fraid of what u said if only it were truee

My enemies are few, but I don't like you it's true, but I'm
Nasty motherfucker so choke in vomit that I spew, your
Mind I will skew cus it's easily molded
I can smell the bruise from the last time I scolded

Backbeat frozen, trick exposin
Can't count to the number I'm grossin'
Wahck beats roasting, dipped in marinara sauce
Garlic bread toast in, witht the metal in the microwave

I don't need no wifey all I need is wifi,
I don't need no wifey all I need is wifi,
I don't need no wifey all I need is wifi, I'm a
Digi MOTHERFUKER til the day that I die
Track Name: 2KOOL