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released April 11, 2014



all rights reserved


KOOL SKULL Los Angeles, California

I'm tha
K͏͜͟͞O̶̸҉̶O͟͢͢҉L̶̸͘ ͏̧͘͢S̢̕͜Ķ͠Ų͝L҉̴̢͠L̴͟. I travel time and space on an interdimensional skateboard. I live on the remote planet T44 and i make f҉̛͜͞҉u̡͏͘͜c̡͞ķ̴̢͝è̢̨͝d̡̨̛̕͞ up music about my adventures in Stardrain City.

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Face of a Mexican, heart of a good chain
Fixing what he wrecks again, loving with no brain
Health is a fantasy a foreign idea
Money won't help that virus I me, uh

Ooze drip drippiling, noise so crippling
Push pushing buttons, spray oil cyst pimple-ing
Deadly infection spread all OVR my face
Like a nude blonde on a ball with no taste

I am an old lady, wanderng with plastic bags,
Always making music all my best friends are fags
Love you no homo, kill it like romo
Be a dictator on a gameboy in slow mo

I'm my favorite artist, others is retardists
I kill the hirst's, the koons and balldessarist's
Kneeling at a dove, split in half in love
Vulgar macabre blended with the push and shove


No one ever told me, why can't you just hold me?
Loved every bite of that meal, even the moldy
Bread with bacteria, having trouble hearing ya
come a little closer grab a kiss now I fear of ya

I'm just in a rush, it's just a brush fire
Kool skull inspire, I'm a killer for hire
Surf me the silver, I'm a werewolf in London
Cooler than a google jet but without the fundin'

Dunn dun duuunn I be DA villinary sinister
Tangle web spun I'm the chip thrash minister
Cute bow and arrow, gettin me DA babez
Best babes in caves, they tha big booty slaves

(I'm the)
rock with the rabies, only if yu say please
Hotter than hades, jeezz of MAH MURSAYDEEZ
palm try sky line, beats be so bovine
Crawling up your spine and Want it but it's mine,
Track Name: 99CENTZ (Feat. SWaPMeeT, Da Pizza King)
Decay attacker, tri met hacker
I'll toast your brain and I'll eat it on a cracker

Merry Christmas horned trick, hope you fuckin choke
Black speech baby gettin pipes in your spoke
Can't trick me you're a perv in a cloak
I'll buy out your kids even tho I'm straight broke

On my iPhone all day so pity me
Teenage bum writing synchronicity
Alley wall we cant find a place to pee
Vomiting demons closer to divinity

Can't wake up cause they're sitting on my throat
Demonic posession is the hole in my boat
But I got a gold cork, and sharks in my moat
I don't need no golden angel wings to float

Waiting on the bus on northeast 15th
Nothin but concrete and metal beneath
Bout to put some onions steak and greens I'm my teeth
Unto all the thinkers , thrash I do bequeath


DA upstairs creaker, peep tom peeker
Madface music out of a blown up speaker
Freaky Friday cross with me you freak freaker
Just a youn kid bum LSDJ tweaker

Hollywood boulevard kid panhandle
Good will jacket young backstreet vandal
Artist to whom you couldn't hold a candle
Dude at the core of the bus hack scandal


Automate, kinda late, like It's even relevant
Minimum wage, fuck you imma buy an elephant
Get to know me and you'll figure out I'm arrogant ,
Still bought my record like a viatical settlement

Little wheels fast cars hoping that I die,

Depression kicks in when you are I... But
If I really bit the dust who would be alive
To bless you with thrash, and make Disney cry?
Track Name: EAT THE POOR
Mutated mugs in a distorted space
Feeling like I wanna stab that smile off your face
I see your likeness in ads on the wall
I'm he one pulling those pads when you fall

My trust is lacking, thoughts be attacking
Im Overwhelmed bloody lips are cracking
Ten steps back patience is a virtue
And a bad habit, shut the fuck up I heard you

Being nice to women never did me any good
Though I did it wrong I don't feel like I should
Being a bad guy has got me thinking suicide
Someone just kill me, poison me I wouldn't fight.

Too much of a whimp to take my own life,
Too much of a loser to be good to a wife
Too much of a blind man to even really see
That god put a pot of gold at my feet.

I'm not a genius, I'm not a doctor
But sometimes I feel like a modern John proctor
Messed myself up I'm a boy crying wolf
Well the wolves are here now since last time I talked her

Dream baby fiction, my blowjob addiction
Bad contradiction, in another wormhole
51 area, desert to bury ya
Really wanna marry ya but it just won't happen

I'm.a trust arsonist, guarantee to make you pissed
Got you sweating clenching fists, new on your shooting list
Re appropriation all the way yo penn station
Wish I was in New York . That reallocation

Got 2.50 imma order mcfood,
Kill your attitude, new what the bitch brewed
Down with malaria, lookin like Carrie huh?
Marry ya to tear-y ya heart to shredsi

Bug infested beds, givin me tha mean reds
Baby food leads, MAKIN meat wad heads
Not enough attention, overwhelmed prevention
Cloudy up ascension With not enough access

Busted up my hand in a physical rage fit
Falling on the floor in a pool of teeth and blood and spit
Writing when I'm feeling dead , dying in my empty head
Dead in a pool of a million useless things things I never said

Looking to my idols, I'm looking at MacArthur park. De-
-capitate my rivals, put my gold in Noah's ark.
Self imposed I fire start, poison you while I depart
Baby I'm a wild heart, brain on the staircase.

Eat the poor, feed em to the rich,
One false move as you watch me twitch,
Crystal skull with the diamond vodka
Deep fried hand like a Hanukkah latke

Eat the poor, feed em to the rich m, eat the poor feed em to the richx3
One false move as you watch me twitch
Track Name: BOOD GOY
Twenty second year, same old turmoil
Can't see the shore choking burnt oil
Stardrain the island, evil plan to foil
Live as I breath in the spiraling coil

Burn the perfume, musta been a joke
Rubber made body cuz my bones all broke
Radikool dude and a tip top bloke
Quit being thrash on the day that I croak

Dead body poker, cash flow smoker
3d view of a young al roker
Kool skull drip be tha Sham wow soaker
Hydrated oxide in pigmented ochre

Listen to me imma thrash tornado
Play at your party but only if u pay tho
Motor in my head got the ace in the spade o
If u listen to my music understand it's fatal


I been a good boy, ill be your good boy,
I'll be a good boy If u be my bad girl
I been a good boy, ill be your good boy,
I'll be a good boy If u be my bad girl


bring it on back with the thrash revival
show my chest and im bound to go viral
skully i be the american idol
minimum wage make u feel homicidal

broken, be tha black berry bush chokin'
cafeful your uncool skull be broken
wrote a whole song no curse word spoken
still beat u down for a subway token

listen to blok while i shake my butt
rock that bum, witha real nice strut
want that leia, but im jabba the hutt
opened her mind but her skirt is shut

basic simple tha 1, 2, 3
bae youre soft youre my sweet cream brie
write your name on a big marquee and
tell everyone that youre my sweet pea