Hacker Boo


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released January 19, 2017



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KOOL SKULL Los Angeles, California

KOOL SKULL is an LA born musician who writes music influenced by Mindless Self Indulgence, Onyx, Mr, Oizo and Venetian Snares. KOOL SKULL is known for his high energy performances armed with nothing but a Gameboy (Or Iphone) and microphone. He has performed with such artists as Bubblegum Octopus, Vyncent Flaw, Baseck, The Minibosses, Blok, Wet Mango, and Captian Ahab. ... more

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Track Name: Hacker Boo
ayo bb girl whats up howdy do, i
wanna say whats up but i havent got a clue, wat u
want what u like, the meaning of ur tatto, and i dont
wanna make it seem like i just wanna screw,

if i
come too close, will you say "P.U.
i thought that shit was sarcastic dude!"?
sorry that im nasty in real life, but if u
cant eat trash, u ain’t nothin in my life

tip of a knife, be your touch on my skin
good intentions bundled with sin
mediocre shit got no room in my ram
other girlies text but i send it to spam

wormhole rockin once u open my can
oscar the grouch be my closest fam
saw your web art and i thought "oh my" how do i
wrrite a funny message to entice a reply


hacker boo, i wanna talk to u
hacker boo, i wanna talk to u
hacker boo, i wanna talk to u
show me all the weird ass shit that u do


[break 1 measure]


got a response, but i know it was a bot, i re-
verse image searched cuz i thought she was hot
came a cross a cute little tater tot,
sent a message saying “yo i like you a lot”

waited three months but i didn’t forget, she
finally replied with a vid of her pet
Little air bud ain't got nothing but net
notification i got made me sweat

talked and we talked and we picked our wounds, we
exchanged links of obscure cartoons
just net homies, so she talked to other guys
not real drama but my brain defies

wrote up a message like I had turrets,
deleted, rewrote it, “yo whats up with the mets?”
small talk bored her, took a robot on a date
just a night alone while i masturbate


hacker boo, i wanna talk to u
hacker boo, i wanna talk to u
hacker boo, i wanna talk to u
hack my mainframe show me love is true

hacker boo, i wanna talk to u
hacker boo, i wanna talk to u
hacker boo, i wanna talk to u, cos I’m
falling in love and i think with you


long time no see all the way thru fall
if ur really down i’d spend it all
got u a one way flight to LA,
if i had a place i would let you stay

eating on our island at ralph’s with food stamps
playing break core on our blue tooth amps
when u leave tomorrow ill b in your spell
i just wanna kiss you IRL